Create a Photosynth Panorama with Microsoft Pix

How to Create a Photosynth

The Photosynth feature on Microsoft Pix enables users to create composite images that exceed the field of view that would otherwise be limited by capturing a single image.  With Photosynth, you can move the camera up & down and side to side to capture all the elements you wish to include in the photo.

 01_Regular_1X_photo__850x638_.jpg   01a_Photosynth.jpg
Normal Photo                                              Photosynth



Here are the simple instructions for quickly creating panoramas, ultrawide-angle images, and 360 dioramas.

  1. Download and launch the latest version of Microsoft Pix.

  2. Press the Photosynth icon to launch the Photosynth tool.

  3. Press the red Record button
    03_Pix_-Psynth_Mode__478x850_.jpg   04_-Record__478x850_.jpg

  4. Move the camera back & forth and up & down, in any direction, to capture the desired scene elements.  It’s OK to backtrack and record certain sections multiple times.
    Just be sure that there is sufficient overlap so Photosynth can stitch everything together. 

  5. There is a preview pane at the top of the screen that shows you the current progress of your composite image.

  6. If you pan too quickly, or if there is insufficient lighting, a warning screen will appear.
    You may continue recording, but quick panning and low light may affect the quality of the final image.
    05_Slow_down__478x850_.jpg    06_-_Good__478x850_.jpg

  7. When you’re finished shooting press the Record button (white) again and Photosynth will start processing the composite image.

  8. The final image will be saved to the All Photos album and the Microsoft Pix album in Photos.



  • Keep your movements steady and smooth for optimum results.
  • For optimum stitching performance, maintain a minimum distance of 6’ from the nearest subject.
  • Capture more than you need. Photosynth will crop the edges to maintain a rectangular image.
  • Photosynth does a good job of dealing with moving objects, but capture several versions to ensure that at least one version doesn’t contain stitching anomalies from moving objects.
  • Photosynth is ideal for capturing building interiors since it creates ultra wide-angle images.




Improving productivity with Microsoft Pix remains a top priority for Microsoft.
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