How to Use the Microsoft Pix Business Card Reader

Microsoft Pix Business Card Reader



  • Scan Business Cards
  • Import Contacts
  • Connect on LinkedIn

The new Business Card Reader, with its LinkedIn integration, will streamline your ability to photograph, save, and import your new contacts from business cards directly to your iPhone’s address book and connect via LinkedIn.

Getting Started

  1. Start by installing the latest version of Microsoft Pix (v1.6 or later). Download

          01_Screen_BoundingBox.PNG     01b_Screen_BoundingBox_arrow.jpg

  1. After launching Microsoft Pix, simply hold the screen over a business card until the blue bounding box appears.
  2. Press the “add to contacts” button in the lower left corner of the screen.


Save Photo of Business Card

          02a_Add_Contacts_screen.PNG    02b_Save_Photo_option_arrow.jpg

  1. To save a photo of the business card, click on the menu icon in the upper right corner and then select “Save photo”.
  2. A photo of the business card will be saved in the Gallery.

Add New Contact

 02c_Add_Contacts_box_205px.jpg  03a_New_Contact_205px.png  03b_New_Contact_205.png

  1. Select “Add contact”
  2. On the following screen, select “Create New Contact”.
  3. On the next screen, review, edit, and add information.
  4. Click "Done" when finished

Add Photo to New Contact

05a_New_Contact_Add_Photo_205px.png   05b_New_Contact_-_Add_Photo_205px.png    05c_New_Contact_Add_Photo_205px.png

  1. Press the “add photo” icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Take Photo of your new contact, or, Choose Photo from your gallery. Perhaps of the business card.


Connect on LinkedIn

07a_LinkedIn_box_205px.jpg   07b_LinkedIn_205px.png   07c_LinkedIn_205px.png

  1. You must be logged in to LinkedIn and your new contact must have a LinkedIn account.
  2. Select “Find on LinkedIn”.
  3. Search listings and select.


Improving productivity with Microsoft Pix remains a top priority for Microsoft.
Download or update Microsoft Pix today on iOS devices for free from Apple’s App Store.




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