About Microsoft Pix

What is Microsoft Pix?

Microsoft Pix uses Microsoft artificial intelligence technologies and analyzes each scene determining the best exposure based on the subject in the viewfinder. It is a modeless camera that does all the hard work for you. Just push the button, and Microsoft Pix will take it from there.

Microsoft Pix is unique for a few reasons:

  • People-first: Microsoft Pix is smart. When it sees a person's face in your photo, it automatically adjusts its own settings; exposure, saturation and focus, to ensure people look their best.

  • Smart Capture: Microsoft Pix captures multiple frames before and after you press the shutter button, and only presents the best images. This means you won't miss the best moment, and won’t have to take multiple shots to guarantee getting a good photo.

  • Fun: Microsoft Pix can also sense motion, so when it senses repetitive movement, it also creates a short video called a Live Image with the still photo. It also enables quick creation of time-lapse videos, from new and existing videos.


People Centric
People are typically our favorite photo subjects, so when Microsoft Pix detects a face in your shot, it automatically optimizes the camera settings to ensure your friends and family look their best in all your photos. Even in difficult low light and brightly backlit lighting situations...


Easy to Use
Photos are automatically imported into your iPhone's Camera Roll and the Microsoft Pix album for easy retrieval. It seamlessly syncs your Camera Roll, so you don’t have to waste time individually exporting your photos and videos.


Modeless Capture
Microsoft Pix understands what it sees, and automatically updates its own settings before each shot, based on scene and lighting, so you never have to pick a ‘mode’ before you shoot. 


Moment Capture
Microsoft Pix automatically captures a burst of frames before and after you press the shutter button, ensuring that the perfect moment is captured, and captured in the best possible way.


Best Image
Microsoft Pix automatically selects and displays up to three of the best images from each burst, showing more options when there are several good and unique photos in the burst.


Image Quality
Microsoft Pix also utilizes the discarded frames from the burst sequence to enhance the Best Image selections, improving sharpness, exposure and color, while reducing noise and blur.


Live Images
When Microsoft Pix detects motion in your shot, it automatically creates a Live Image by stitching the frames from the burst into a living moment. Microsoft Pix is intelligent, so you only get a Live Image when they’re interesting and compelling to prevent wasted storage space on your device.


Smooth Video
Microsoft Pix includes the Microsoft Hyperlapse feature so you can capture or import your own existing videos and stabilize them (at 1x speed) or stabilize and create a time-lapse (2x-32x speed). Videos recorded with Microsoft Pix are automatically stabilized, and can be time-lapsed with a single click.


Never miss a memorable photo opportunity again.   Just point and press. Perfect!




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