Create a Unique Painterly Image by Layering Microsoft Pix Styles

SunflowerStyles__0___480x640_.jpg      >     SunflowerStyles__5___480x640_.jpg


You can take any photograph, even one that is blurry or out of focus, and create a beautiful one-of-kind painterly masterpiece.

By now you've probably tried most of the Microsoft Pix Styles filters to create some nice artistic photos.
If you're new to Microsoft Pix Styles filters, then please read this quick tutorial before continuing with the following layering technique.

Because you can reduce the opacity of Pix Styles filters, it's possible to apply multiple filters, at reduced opacity levels, to a single image. By layering these filters you create a unique painterly image that is limited only by your creativity, control, and imagination.

Layer as many of the Styles as you like, but the more filters you stack, the lower each filter's opacity must be to optimize the blending effect.  In this example I layered five different Styles filters; "Dora", "Reflections", "Mosaic", "Lydia", and my favorite, "Fauvism", and reduced each one down to only 20% opacity.

Step 1

Select a photo in the Microsoft Pix Gallery.
Go to 
Edit > Styles and apply the first filter.
Adjust the opacity by swiping left on the screen.

SunflowerStyles__0___480x640_.jpg  +  SunflowerStyles__2___480x640_.jpg
Original Image                                                 Styles filter "Dora" 20% opacity

Save the image by clicking on the check mark icon in the lower right corner.
(Don't worry, this creates a new file. Your original is unchanged.)

Step 2

With the newly created image, select another filter.
Repeat the process and save again...

SunflowerStyles__2___480x640_.jpg  +  SunflowerStyles__3___480x640_.jpg
New "Dora" image                                                 "Reflections" 20%

Step 3, 4, 5...

With the new newly created image, select yet another filter.
Repeat with as many filters as you like.
Just remember, the more filters you plan on layering, the lower every filter's opacity must be in order to blend the effects of the previous filters.
In this example, I reduced the opacity of all five Styles filters down to only 20% opacity.

SunflowerStyles__3___480x640_.jpg  +  SunflowerStyles__4___480x640_.jpg
"Dora"+"Reflections"                                         "Mosaic" 20%

SunflowerStyles__4___480x640_.jpg  +  SunflowerStyles__1___480x640_.jpg
"Dora"+"Reflections"+"Mosaic"                        "Lydia" 20%

SunflowerStyles__1___480x640_.jpg  +  SunflowerStyles__5___480x640_.jpg
"Dora"+"Reflections"+"Mosaic"+"Lydia"            "Fauvism" 20%     
Final Image




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