Introduction to Microsoft Pix

Microsoft Pix is a free camera app for iPhones that is very simple to use and helps photographers create better photos with a truly “point & shoot” technique.

Microsoft Pix uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to ensure that portraits, candid moments, and landscapes are properly exposed and in focus - in even the most difficult lighting situations.

Some key features Microsoft Pix:

Smart Capture
Microsoft Pix is capturing frames before you press the shutter, then collecting a small burst of images so you always capture the decisive moment. The app then selects the best frame and enhances the photo providing accurate color for skin tones, food, and foliage, as well as accurate exposure and detail in both the shadow and the highlight areas of the photo, thus creating a “Best Image” that is saved directly to the Camera Roll album.

People & Portraits
Our friends and family are our most important photo subjects, so when a face is detected, Microsoft Pix automatically adjusts the color and exposure settings and allows post-capture editing enhancements to ensure everyone looks their best.


Microsoft Pix intelligently adjusts the exposure, especially for backlit subjects.

Live Images
When interesting motion is detected in your image, Microsoft Pix will automatically create a short, looping video called a Live Image. Hold your camera steady with scenes that contain some repetitive movement for the best chance to create a Live Image. Waterfalls, waves, flames, friends waving, all work great as a Live Image.


A Live Image of a local waterfall

Hyperlapse Video
Microsoft Hyperlapse is included as a post-capture video option to help you create stabilized time-lapse videos of your favorite activities and adventure


Microsoft Pix now offers a variety of artistic and painterly “Styles” filters for your photos. My favorites are “Zing” and “Honolulu”, but there are many different Styles to choose from and a new Style is added to the gallery every week.


Before and After Microsoft Pix “Zing” Style filter.

If you have any questions about Microsoft Pix, you can respond here in the Comments, or use the “Feedback“ tool in the app.


Microsoft Pix included as one of the Year’s 9 Best Apps by the New York Times and one of the 50 Best Apps of the Year by TIME Magazine

Microsoft Pix Website

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