How to use Microsoft Pix "Styles"

Microsoft Pix has a creative artistic feature called "Styles".  

It’s a collection of eleven creative filters that can be used to add an artistic and painterly flair to your photos after capture. 

To use Styles, go to the Gallery section in Microsoft Pix, select an image, then select “Edit” in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Select the “Styles” button and swipe the thumbnails left and right to explore the artistic style options.

Choose a style by tapping on its thumbnail and then adjust its intensity by swiping left or right directly on the image.  Anything less than 100% allows a portion of the original image to appear and blend with the style effect.


Creating a Stylized Photo

When you achieve the desired effect, click the check mark in the lower right corner to apply the Style effect. This will create a new and separate image file.  Your original photo will remain unchanged.


Creating a 4-Second Stylized Video
If you would like to create a short video version with animated brush strokes, click on the arrow button in the lower left of the photo. This will “mix the paint” and create 4-second animation.  After the video is created you can “Share” or “Save” the video.  Again, your original photo will remain unchanged.


Pro Tips for Creativity
The Styles tool was inspired by the work of various artists and painters and is provided to encourage you to experiment and create beautiful works of art from your own photos. Here’s a few helpful tips:

Tip #1: Reduce the Style Opacity
Try swiping the screen to the left to reduce the Style effect.
I find most styles blend very nicely at about 50-60% opacity.

Tip #2: Intensify a Style
Apply a style to an image, and save it. Take the resulting image and apply the same style again. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat to intensify and exaggerate the style effect.

Attachment-1.jpeg   Attachment-3.jpeg

Attachment-4.jpeg   Attachment-2.jpeg

Tip #3:
Applying Multiple Styles
Apply a style to a photo, and save it. Now apply a different style to that same photo.  This can be repeated multiple times and will likely require some experimentation.

IMG_4566_m.jpg IMG_4576.JPG IMG_4578.JPG
Style:Normal                                              Style: Honolulu                                Style: Honolulu + Ripples (50%) + Zing (50%)

Tip #4: Speed up the Animation

After processing the animation video, go to the Gallery section in Microsoft Pix and open the video file. Tap the “Hyperlapse” option and move the slider to “2X” and click “Save” in the upper right corner.  This will create a new 2-second video file that runs twice as fast as the original 4-second animation.

Hyperlapse_1.png        Hyperlapse_2.png



#Microsoft Pix Hashtag
Microsoft Pix applies a discreet hashtag watermark to the Style paintings.
If you prefer, this option can be turned off in the Settings menu. 



We hope you enjoy the new Styles feature.

If you have any questions or comments, contact us using the “Feedback” option in the Microsoft Pix app menu.


Update 10/3/17:
New Styles have been added since this feature's initial release. Check out the new additions:
Dora  -  Reflections  -  Mosaic  -  Lydia  -  Fauvism  -  Rain  -  Ochre  -  Flattery

Fauvism is my favorite, it turns any image into a beautiful watercolor image.






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