How to capture a "Live Image"

The process for creating a Live Image is automated.

Microsoft Pix only generates a Live Image if there is meaningful and repetitive movement detected within the image.

You can usually capture a Live Image if you take several shots holding the camera as still as possible. Using a tripod or stand increases your chances of Microsoft Pix generating a satisfactory Live Image.  It may appear a bit random, but the app is deciding if the set of still images captured during the exposure burst are of sufficient quality to generate a Live Image. 

Here's a few tips:

  1. Keep the camera device as still as possible. Use a cell phone stand or a tripod if possible.
  2. Select a scene that features a predictable and repetitive motion. Water fountains, water falls, flames, waves, flags in the breeze; all are great examples that result in Live Images being created.
  3. Capture a bunch of images until you get a Live Image you like. They tend to be a bit different each time.


Boulder Creek Waterfall


Fall Fun

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